January 02, 2014

Constellations in Milky Way - Lyra Constellation

             Lyra is the constellation which can be seen from northern hemisphere from spring to autumn. Also recognized by International Astronomical Union. It is one of the closest constellation to the Earth. Lyra is composed of the stars called Vega, Sheliak, Sulafat, Kepler -37, Kepler - Kepler - 62. The last two have been discovered by Kepler Spacecraft in 2013.

         Lyra also consists of exoplanets which have been observed by Kepler Mission like Kepler 7b, Kepler 8b.

        Especially the planets orbiting the Kepler 62 star which are Kepler-62e, Kepler-62f are considered to be located in the habitable zone of the system and scientists specify that these planets are solid and ropcky and also include liquid water in order to sustain life on them. The distance of the Kepler 62 system to the Earth is 1200 light years.


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